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Jan 17 2014

A Healthy Diet for Menopause

Not many women know that there exists a close relationship between menopause and diet. Eating right can help you build resilience against many of the symptoms of menopause. For example, foods such as nuts, olive oil, wheat germ and eggs are known to help the body gain calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous.   Vitamin A and calcium are necessary, which help in preventing the problem of osteoporosis, so commonly found in middle aged women. Dairy products, fish and brightly colored vegetables such as orange, green and red, all of which contribute to an excellent menopause diet.

Following a menopause diet is also important for one more reason. This is the time when many women are known to put on a lot of weight. This happens due to the hormonal changes that are taking place inside the body of a woman. In order to control this menopause weight gain, you need to cut down on foods that contain saturated fats and trans fats such as animal fats, cheese and butter and sugar. Instead, you should replace them with low fat dairy food, proteins and healthy snacks.

Eating right is the best way to compliment bio-identical hormones, if you have decided that natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is the way to go.  Many women during menopause undergo this therapy involving the gradual introduction of bioidentical hormones into their bodies, only to find that they are not getting the results they want. The results can be only good if the proper menopause diet is followed. For example, even a small change in your dietary habit such as introducing bananas and drinking more water can make a vast change in the effectiveness of bio-identical hormones. Also, be sure to cut down on alcohol, cigarettes and definitely caffeine. Continue Reading »

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Jan 10 2014

Why Replace Natural Progesterone?

Natural progesterone is considered to be one of the most important of all hormones found in the body of both men and women. This hormone is necessary for maintaining good health by ensuring proper functioning of various organs. The importance of progesterone as a hormone can be gauged from the fact that it is popularly referred to as the ‘mother of all hormones’ and also known as the “hormone of pregnancy.” Decreased levels of progesterone can lead to many health complications in both men and women.

Hormonal imbalance is something that every man and woman experience during the time of menopause for women and andropause for men. Increased levels of another hormone, estrogen is known to cause many of the symptoms associated with menopause in women such as night sweats, hot flashes, low libido and depression. Progesterone is known to be the only solution to tackle this problem. It is known to provide relief from most of the symptoms of menopause and andropause. It is known to be a good antidepressant, has diuretic abilities and also increases sex drive. It is known to end mood swings and improve overall health and fitness. Continue Reading »

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Jan 05 2014

Facts About Bioidentical Hormones You May Not Know

Hormone replacement therapy is has been researched intensely in the field of medical science. Researchers have discovered some ways to provide relief from the symptoms of menopause and andropause. However, not enough research has been done in North America on the subject of bioidentical hormones, but throngs of women here and in Europe are now turning to bioidentical hormones.  For over 35 years in Europe, women have been using bio-identical hormones and it is only in the last ten or so years that women here have been demanding this more natural approach to menopause.  Before you start using this natural method of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), it’s a good idea to be some facts about bioidentical hormones.

It used to be very difficult in the United States to find doctors who understood menopause and andropause and could provide prescriptions to bioidentical hormones.  It is now much easier in the U.S. to find a bioidentical doctor.  However in Canada, it is still very difficult to find a doctor to prescribe bioidentical hormones.

Some insurance companies cover bio-identical hormones but this is really a hit-and-miss situation.  The insurance companies and big-pharma, as well as the FDA work closely together.  Bioidentical hormones cannot be patented and big pharma regard bioidentical hormones as direct competition to their synthetic hormone solutions.  It is for this reason, that many insurance companies do not “willingly” insure bio-identical hormones.

Bio-identical hormones come in a variety of formats.  The most common is a cream mixture, measured by a spoon.  Other compounding pharmacists use syringes for accurate measurement.  Still, others takes them in lozenge (troche) format.

Bio-identical hormones come in a variety of formats. The most common is a cream mixture, measured by a spoon. Other compounding pharmacists use syringes for accurate measurement. Still, others takes them in lozenge (troche) format.

Since hormonal imbalance is one of the first consequences of menopause and andropause, supplementation of hormones is known to give relief from the symptoms. Recently, television hosts such as Oprah and Dr. Phil have presented the subject of bioidentical hormones to millions of viewers in North America and the demand for the services of these doctors has increased dramatically.  Oprah and Dr. Phil’s wife are both using bioidentical hormones.  Other celebrities such as Suzanne Somers who has written numerous books on bioidentical hormones are also using them.

Bioidentical hormones are used for supplementing decreased levels of certain hormones in hormone replacement therapy. Both estrogen and progesterone must be used biomimetically.  For example, hormones such as estrogen and progesterone play a vital role in the smooth functioning of many bodily processes. Any imbalance that leads to either decrease or, in cases such as that of estrogen, increase of hormones, leads to many potential diseases of aging. Hormonal imbalance also causes accelerated aging process.

Bioidentical hormones are introduced in the body in a systematic manner and they work biomimetically, ensuring improved overall health. Natural bioidentical hormones work in tandem with the natural biological process and mimic the natural rise and fall in levels, something that is characteristic of all hormones. This is what is meant by the biomimetical dosing of bioidentical hormones.

Natural bioidentical hormones are obtained from plant sources such as soy bean extract and yam compounds.  They are then processed in a laboratory. A doctor will usually conduct a hormone tests to determine the various levels of different hormones in your body before prescribing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The hormone levels are then checked after a particular period of time. Based on regular checking of your hormone levels after starting to supplement with natural hormones, certain adjustments can be made to your individual prescription.

Bioidentical hormones are also taken by men and they are usually prescribed testosterone and natural progesterone to balance their hormones as they age.

Your doctor will prescribe your bioidentical hormones prescription in one of several different formats which are either in cream, pills, pellets, lozenges or patches. Some women are unable to absorb bio-identical creams through the skin and have to take natural hormones in a different format such as lozenges (troches), pellets or patches.  No matter what format you use, the best way to take bioidentical hormones is to take them biomimetically, mimicking the natural biological rhythms in your body.

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